Malaysia-China joint communique: Dr M's visit to China 'mutually beneficial'

Category News | August 20, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s visit to China has been mutually beneficial for both countries.The countries declared that “both sides expressed their satisfaction with the outcomes of this visit” and that Dr Mahathir who was appreciative of the warmth and hospitality shown to him and his delegation during the visit from Aug 17-21 and also extended an invitation to Premier Li Keqiang to visit Malaysia.This was accepted by the latter with pleasure.In a joint...
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Taiyuan Wusu Comprehensive Bonded Zone welcomes Malaysia's largest logistics company

Category News | June 21, 2018

WASHINGTON   (Reporter He Hongbin) 6 Yue 13 days, the Malaysian government JOCOM network and Malaysia's largest logistics providers MACROLINK EXPRESS Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Hanwen and his entourage to Taiyuan Wusu comprehensive Free Trade Zone investigation and study and discussion.The relevant person in charge of the bonded area briefed the Malaysian guests on the development and construction of the park, policy support, information construction, financial services, etc., and welcomed...
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Malaysia's largest logistics company visited the Wusu Comprehensive Insurance Zone in Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone

Category News | June 13, 2018

Shanxi News Network June 13 (Reporter Wang Xiaoyan) Today, the Malaysian government JOCOM network and Malaysia's largest logistics company MACROLINK EXPRESS Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Hanwen, Malaysia Network Marketing Association Chairman Xiao Wenqin, Feili Governor, Malaysia JOCOM Chairman Ms. Cai Huibing, etc. A group of four people came to Wusu Comprehensive Insurance Zone for inspection.   “At present, no matter whether it is policy service or technical support, there are no obstacles...
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