Collect Extra JPoints with Boost

Collect Extra JPoints with Boost

Terms & Conditions

1. How to Participate: via Boost platform(downloadable via Play Store for Android/App Store for iOS)Each valid and complete entry must contain the following information:

i. Download Boost mobile application;

ii. Register for an account with Boost;

iii. Purchase the JOCOM voucher (minimum of RM100) on Boost;

iv. Receive Voucher Code from Boost;

v. Redeem Voucher Code on JOCOM mobile application .

vi. Make any purchase on JOCOM mobile application using JPoints;

vii. [NOTE] Top spenders will have increased chances of winning.

2. By submitting entries via JOCOM mobile application, the Participant is deemed to have read and agreed to the privacy notice set forth in this Terms and Conditions.

3.Every purchase of JOCOM Voucher will automatically qualify the Member for the Contest.

* T&C Apply