YOUVIT Beauty + 7 Days 1 box (6's)

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We live in a world full of challenges and we would like to continue to feel and look beautiful every day: fighting air pollution, changing temperatures, and high humidity. Just relying on make-up, skin care, and hair care doesn't seem to be enough because it only contribute half to getting the natural beauty that women require. That's why women need YOUVIT Beauti +: a combination of vitamin E, choline-inositol and biotin (vitamin B7) which helps prevent premature aging, acne, dry skin, damaged hair, and brittle nails. Natural beauty starts from the inside, just one Gummy Everyday! WORDS FOR FARASYA, one of our loyal customer: "To be honest, I really like the taste and shape of the gummy. There are shapes of crowns, lips and nail polish bottles. And it works! Really it helps improve my skin and hair from the inside. " PRODUCT DETAILS: • Flavors: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry • Contains: Vitamin E, choline-inositol, Biotin (B7) • Packaging: 1 box (6 sachets) SUGGESTED CONSUMPTION AND STORAGE: Good consumed 1 gummy per day after breakfast. Store in a dry and cool place.