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• Boots the Immune System. • Provides Antioxidants & Reduces Inflammation. • Helps with Digestion & Relieves Occasional Constipation. • Nourish and Provide Anti-Ageing Properties We believe only with the natural and finest ingredients used in each bottle of our product, together with the combination of traditional cooked/ boiled method under a specially developed hygienic manufacturing process, you will be able to distinguish the original, natural taste & aroma in each bottle served. Aloe Vera is a lily plant. There are about 250 kinds of aloe vera, which is currently found to have only 5 kinds of edible value, including Aloe Perryi, Aloe Ferox, Aloe Spicata, Aloe Africana and Aloe Barbadensis. Aloe Barbadensis has the most nutrient among the 5 edible Aloe vera. Nature's Circle Aloe Vera cube with Honey is made from Aloe Barbadensis species and it is free from Aloin. Nature Circle's Aloe Vera Cube with Honey have no preservative, no stabilizer, no artificial coloring and no flavoring. Aloe Vera Benefits:- Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamin C, E and beta carotene which gives it its nourishing and anti-ageing qualities. It's also rich in anti-oxidants which means it helps cut out free radicals in the body and boost your immunity. It has got antiviral and antibacterial properties, and the ability to help relieves constipation. *Boots the Immune System. *Provides Antioxidants & Reduces Inflammation. *Helps with Digestion & Relieves Occasional Constipation. *Nourish and Provide Anti-Ageing Properties. Storage conditions:- Nature's Circle Aloe Vera Cube with Honey has no preservative. Therefore, it must be kept in a cool and dry place. If the original seal is not broken, the product has a shelf life of one year from the date of manufacture without refrigeration. However once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within two days. Always use a clean and dry spoon to scoop the desired amount into a separate container. After consuming, do not scoop again with the same spoon. You May Choose Your Preferred Flavour:- 1)Nature's Circle Ready-To-Eat Aloe Vera Cube with Honey - 2 bottles x 200g 2)Nature's Circle Ready-to-Eat Aloe Vera Cube with Passion Fruit - 2 bottles x 200g 3)Nature's Circle Ready-to-Eat Aloe Vera Cube with Lemon - 2 bottles x 200g 4)Nature's Circle Ready-to-Eat Aloe Vera Cube with Orange - 2 bottles x 200g