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Our 100% Australian organic Sun Muscat Raisins are unique to Australia and are not grown in any other part o f the world. This is a seedless grape variety with medium to large berries and a slight sweet Muscat taste. The perfect high fibre snack or addition to your baked goodies and salads. With no artificial colours or flavours, our Australian, organic Gobble snacks are a perfect addition to your kids lunchbox, your purse, sports bag or the car for those times when you or the kids need an energy boosting healthy snack! At Gobble we dig real food! Our f r u i t is grown in the glorious Australian sun – with a little help from the rain – by real Aussie Farmers. Our f r u i t is dried the proper way too, naturally on the vine. We are proud to be 100% Australian owned, operated and fully certified organic. We track our f r u i t from our farms to you and absolutely promise: – No Nasty Chemicals or Pesticides – No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) – No Growth Additives – No Sulphur Dioxide And what’s more, we only use f r u i t grown in Australia by Murray River Organics (real Aussie farmers!) – We Plant – We Grow – We Harvest – We Process – We Pack …our very own f r u i t so you can be confident you open a packet o f the world’s finest quality dried fruit. We’re a healthy snack, sweet too and guaranteed 100% pre-packaged fun. From humble beginnings in 2010 on a single 28-hectare farm in Merbein, Victoria, Murray RiverOrganics has grown to become one of the largest vertically integrated producers of organic vine fruit in the world. We now own and operate over 4,900 hectares of farmland in the Sunraysia region, with plans to double our current production within 4 years through the expansion of our organic farming footprint. At Murray River Organics, our mission is to create a sustainable source of healthy & organic food for current & future generations.